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image Roger and Laureen are the teachers and founders of Mountain Top Marriage Ministries. They have been teaching marriage concepts from the Word of God since 1984. Their books, teaching tapes and seminar materials have been compiled from their own marriage experiences gained over the past 40+ years. They hold various seminars, retreats, meetings and classes across the United States and have ministered in other nations such as Zimbabwe, England, Taiwan, Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, China, Hong Kong, Wales and Australia. Many people have been saved, healed, and delivered through their ministry.

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Following is a letter received by Roger from someone that was helped by the ministry of MTM.
Roger, Thank you for contacting me regarding the email I sent to you. When I sent that email, I was at a very low point to say the least. Since then, God has been moving dramatically and things have improved. I decided to be honest with God and my wife. As a result of that decision, God met me in the darkness and brought me back into the light. When I see you again, I will tell you some amazing stories of how God showed his love to me. I just got back from a three day mountain retreat that included prayer and deliverance. I am happy to tell you my beautiful wife has returned home and our marriage is stronger than ever. We are implementing your suggestions in our marriage and this time I am being honest with my wife. That commitment has made all of the difference. Before, I was afraid I would be hurting her if I told her the truth about my struggles with lust and to be honest I did not know if I could ever get rid of my lustful thoughts. I know now the thoughts may come and go but I can deal with them if I am honest and I cleave to my wife. Thank you for your ministry. I look forward to seeing you again.